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Curl flowers

Quiet silver night, rain silk lingering, Galaxy quietly flow, moonlight cool so. Stars bright, beautiful Tianhe lying on the sky, the stars blinked eyes for the direction of passers-by, to illuminate every person who lost the way home.


Ringtones come slowly, accompanied by hazy night, facing the cool night wind, what can be thought, what can be set aside, arbitrary, free, which may be my heart most want the way to life? I gently breathe fresh air, it seems a touch of flowers, there is a rain of soil fragrance. I was walking through the playground, watching the playground on the fitness of the people, they are so passionate and dynamic, say love movement is the most sunny, I do not love sports, so it will be so Melancholy and helpless?


Autumn rain, such as fog, such as silk, quietly fall, rhythm I do not umbrella, let the rain drilled into my skirt, soon, the clothes will be thin rain to wet, wet answer to paste on the body, so uncomfortable, I can not help but frowned. My heart is like a damp sugar, frustration and frustration, blame all around the unhappy, heart is very irritable, feel good suffering. Because the teacher's eyes will not stay for me, but not because of my presence and positioning, because I am not a good student, nor is she like a good student, she can not see my presence.


Abruptly, cool cool rain brought along the cold fragrance, smell the aroma, is Qiongxiang! At this time the sky in a group of birds flying to fly over, wings overlapping sound resounded through the sky. Along the stone road, walking, the autumn wind with a cool experience, the wind is very soft, stroking my cheek, bring a bit poignant feeling. It is not cold and cold than the winter wind, nor hot summer lazy hot wind, but no spring gentle and delicate, only with the slightest coolness and lonely, quietly infiltrated into the heart. Suddenly, a touch of white hit into my eyes, a dish Qiu big tree proudly standing on the roadside, the tree is decorated with silver bells like Qionghua, small flowers of the handsome makeup, white as if the dust of the snow , The rain on the petals rolling full of dew, it is particularly Qingyan. A tree Qionghua, concerted efforts, as one of the open, as if a group of tarta beautiful fairy, weaving red spinning Ni, possession of the clouds catch the moon, hit a white, dancing in the spring. Qionghua proud of the United States is refreshing, Luo Xiu Yan Man Ting, a touch of rouge dark incense.


Approached, an elegant fragrance into my eyebrows and whisper, refreshing, blossoming Qionghua, like Qiongruyu, Gao Jie refined, white makeup Su embroidered, rain with the mark, heaven fragrance. Slips, dark clouds, instant, the strings of the rain will be pounding into the sky, big stars splashed on the Qionghua, played a staggering Qionghua, a piece of petals floating in the wind. One piece, two pieces, three pieces ...


Heart filled with unwilling, so beautiful, really want to wither in the raging rain it? I went to the eaves to shelter. To be stopped after the rain, only found falling flowers, a messy, empty branches reflect the rain after the first sunny sky, broken at the exudes of spicy fragrance, from the darkness of the vast expanse of luxury gorgeous. Qionghua is beautiful, but this is really short, but the Qionghua leaves, it also has its own high in the branches of the moment, know how to cherish their limited years, leaving a timeless grace, cloud know, it was here to stop, Open like a summer flower gorgeous, colorful, it is refreshing, intoxicated.


The beauty of the world is infinite, we can appreciate the beauty is too little, and the end of our life, can only get unlimited limited, so a little bit only. Tides are rising and falling, beautiful never stay, if no longer cherish, this little bit of beauty will disappear. Why do not we make a beautiful butterflies, with a smile starting, as long as through the tragic autumn, you can usher in the warmth of the spring, in the flowers Pina fly, picking the fragrance of life.


I am relieved, and each of us is a star of the horizon, the beauty of the review can be the same limited, if always complain, do not know how to cherish the front of the King, that missed not only happy mood, but also A vast galaxy.


Looked at the sky, like a moth, galaxy shades, micro-cloud crossing, Qionghua still ... ...

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